Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A day with discarded

A few days ago I had abit of a clean up around my 'many' rusty piles I've got lying around underneath the house. When construsting my 'Discarded' sculptures I tend to have several on the go, cluttering the walk way, driveway, tables, chairs.... you name it!
I work on them periodically on passing and inbetween clay studio time, the weather has been a tad windy of late blowing in leaves and debris which accumilate in and around the pieces.
This particular piece pictured below was one that needed serious attention of de-leafing!
Titled 'Wheels in Motion" it's still in progress but is already shaping up nicely. The outer metal rim is from a cartwheel which I intend to fill with smaller wheels of sorts by welding together.
When working with found objects I tend to be driven intuitively, it's my process of surrendering and allowing what can be created, the end result is usually symbolic (as to where I am in the present moment) with spiritual overtones. It's especially clear when I start to research the symbolic meaning behind a particular object I've been drawn to. In working on 'Wheels in Motion' without any conscious thought and before I realised what I had been doing, I automatically started placing wheels into the centre of the rim... becoming wheels framed in a wheel!
Symbolically wheels have several meanings, some that resonated with me are; the creative act itself, creation unfolding, connected with the way in which progress is attained and in its turning is seen as the perfect analogy to the circle of the seasons - the dawn ever renewing the day, the eternal circuit of the sun, moon and stars.
When assembling placement is everything, it can speak louder than the spoken word and a certain sense of satisfaction is achieved, especially a welcomed 'chance happening'.

While on my cleaning rampage I happen to be hovering around 'wheels in motion' doing Sadie, moving this and that. I picked up a piece that I knew I'd been wanting vertical for some time now to no avail and without thinking to move it and clean under, it just slot it into place, it even had a groove for it to lock into....finally it found its place after a few seconds of unconscious thought over hours of deliberation!

Gotta love serendipity.

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  1. Wow Kim - this is evolving so beautifully. I love that you leave them around, wander by them, listen to them and have those magic moments when you fiddle and magic happens! And fancy - all when you're being Sadie! It's going to be gorgeous and I like all the thoughts about circles and their meanings.


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