Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glazing workshop

Yesterday I had the pleasure of conducting a glazing workshop with a couple of friends.
Lidwina and James with their pottery pieces applying an oxide before glazing. The purpose of the oxide is to highlight the carvings in their designs under the final glaze.

James and his vase with Lidwina in the background both glazing with Chrome Red Glaze, a popular glaze from my Tafe days.

A brilliant dry orange colour...

an example

An Urn in Chrome Red Glaze I made in 2008

The kiln loaded and ready for firing. Seeing it's a small load I'm using my single phase, little pocket rocket!
Today I fired the kiln and tomorrow we will crack open and unload the finished pieces...

PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-functional glaze and should never
be used on functional tableware.


  1. K Of course I just love the rustlike glaze. Your friends did really well under your guidance. B

  2. Thanks B, yes ditto with the rusted glaze is a ripper! K


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