Sunday, May 30, 2010

Medieval Masterpiece Exhibition 2010

I started working on a few pieces earlier in the year to enter into the Medieval Masterpiece Exhibition for the Abbey Museum. The exhibition this year is being exhibited at Bribie Island Community Art Centre - BICAS from 29th June - 9th July, 2010.
The photograph below is a puzzle jug I made and entered into the first competition. It took out first prize in the pottery section.

'Puzzle Jug' First Prize Medieval Masterpiece Exhibition 2008

This year I have made several pieces, among them; a Zoomorphic Jug, Puzzle Mug, some 'Tudor Green' Wares and an Aquamanile.

'Zoomorphic Jug' Kingston type ware Mid-13th Century

'Aquamanile' 13th Century

It's an interesting process when researching and discovering new forms, to decipher their techniques. Loads of experiementation with glazing, trying to reproduce the piece as close to original, is something I really's like stepping back in time and into the shoes of the maker.

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