Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ALaW 2010- my first four letters..

My progress so far for ALaW 2010 with January's letters A B C & D.
I've choosen to use discarded rusted, weathered metals or similar to make my letters, that I find from my weekly rust hunts.
In my first week, to start me off I used what I had in my rust pile at home, three rusty horse shoe nails perfectly forming an 'A'. The second week I rummaged in a Sheetmetal's skip bin finding these curious 'plugs' forming my 'B'. The plugs are the discarded piece from metal that has punched a hole leaving the rounded shape seen in my 'B' below.

Week three 'C' was found in discarded metal shavings, created from drilling into metals leaving long threads of spiral shavings. Upon closer inspection I noted the curve...hmmm 'C' for curve! Alittle bend back and forth on the long thread, and a bit broke off...the birth of my 'C'.

Week four letter 'D' . Somewhat dissapointed on my rust hunt with only finding some old weathered leather straps and buckles from horse riding gear. I had to take a closer look to see what I could do. Of course! The 'D' ring on the strap!

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