Saturday, December 19, 2009

Commission - Abbey Museum

What's 'on the go' in the studio, now....

Recently I've been asked to do another commission for the Abbey Museum, they house educational programs for school children on history and re-create archaeological 'dig' sites where the kids have 'hands-on' unearthing pottery of that time. To date I have made pottery for their Eygptian and Neolithic digs.

This time the commission is for a 'Roman dig' pottery... the deadline is approaching fast atleast I have made a start on it!

Roman oil lamps


  1. That is such a cool thing to do!!!

  2. of the many joys of working with clay

  3. How intrigueing! Are you given examples to copy or do you have to research them yourself?

  4. Hi Anna, a bit of both, most of the time I am given images then I still have to research to get exact measurements etc..


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