Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards Trophy

I am delighted to announce that earlier in the year, I was commissioned by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to design and make the 2016 Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards Trophy.
Mateship, kinship and uniting as one, were the inspiration behind my design. The idea behind the concept was to design a trophy that represented what it means to be Australian and living on the Sunshine Coast.
It was an honour to be chosen to design the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards trophy - I believe the nominees for this award are people worthy of celebrating and honouring for the unconditional service they provide, not only for the people around them but also the broader community.
Designed to hang on a wall rather than sit as an object on a shelf, each trophy is cut from recycled corrugated iron using a waterjet cutting technique, and finished with a stainless steel and Jacaranda backing – while an original photograph was painstakingly converted into a vector file to create the design – the finished trophy however a different design is the same concept as
Resilient I pictured below.
Example concept - NOT ACTUAL WORK
Winners in the seven categories will receive their award at the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards Ceremony, on Monday 25 January 2016.  


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