Sunday, February 9, 2014

Artist Demo Day

Today was Family Day at Noosa Regional Gallery, a regular monthly event for the gallery (Gallery Public Program), Family day is where volunteer staff host interactive art activities; clay, paint etc., for the kids, while one of the current exhibiting artist contributes, usually in the form of a demonstration or similar for the visiting public.

A wet drizzly day weather wise today, however, it didn't stop folk from coming to the gallery. I was fortunate to have the gallery Foyer to spread out (pictured below), while the outside undercover area graced several long tressel tables full of happy little creatives and a sausage sizzle.

Just alongside me in the gallery were more tressel tables and more little creatives, this time being creative with tea stained watercolour paper, tea bag paper and tea leaves. Unfortunately, I was too busy to take photographs... the results were most intriguing!

My Foyer display.

Below, an Interactive display area I provided for the gallery and the duration of Expressions of Love II, latch hooking in progress for folk to have a try.

Additional interactive work, displayed just for today for further exploration. Foreground; Twinnings - Raspberry, Strawberry & Loganberry flavoured, yield pink coloured tea bags; knitting with spun tea bag yarn; prototypes, sewn patchwork panels, the making of Deconstructed Quilt; and crocheting with spun tea bags and a few sample crochet flowerettes.

After a quick run down on how to prepare the recycled tea bag yarn for spinning - everyone was most intrigued when the spinning begun.

Then it was time for others to have a try.

Thanks to all whom came today, 'twas a most enjoyable day!


  1. Looks like so much fun, Kim, and it's great that you get an opportunity to share all this with the community!

    1. apologies for my delayed reply Sharmon. The day was so much fun and being able to share with the community was a bonus!

  2. Bet it was great fun. Happy days for you.


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