Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tea Bag Tea Party No.3

Today I hosted my third Tea Bag Tea Party at Rosebed St Gallery.  What is a Tea Bag Tea Party (TBTP) you ask?  Well a TBTP is a chance to have a cuppa, switch off from the daily grind and have some fun and conversation amongst a warm gathering of lovely folk and friends, whilst processing tea bags!  All in aid of my tea bag antics, in this case for my upcoming solo exhibition in January 2014... (here's a link to my website with images of works made with tea bags incase you are unfamilar with what I am up to).

I was blown away and humbled by today's turnout, there was a glitch in the times for the event so I was alittle unsure of what the day might bring.  I was super organised this time with my list on hand and rose with the sparrows this morning to pack everything in the car.... my suitcase brimming with tea bags and my spinning wheel, to which I gave a short demo of spinning with tea bags.

The gallery was overflowing with helpers, out the back we filled two tressle tables with happy tea bag processors...

and another table set-up on the front verandah J

Then another small table inside the gallery.  Seriously, it was sooooo much fun!!!!

AND, it was so groovy to see the guys joining in too!
A close up to show you what we were up to, sorting and deteeing.  You can see a small bundle of emptied tea bags ready for use.
And if all this activity and fun wasn't enough, a super bonus for the day, two very special friends made a surprise visit to join in, from left; Lidwina, me (centre) and Kaye who came all the way from California!!!

What an incredible day, I am so overwhelmed by the response.   A fun day was had by all with talk of wanting me to organise another day - so watch this space peeps!  Come 2014 we may very well see more TBTP's coming your way... J


  1. Fabulous turnout must've prepared HEAPS of Tbags.

  2. It was an overwhelming turnout Jo. We managed to process through literally hundreds of tea bags!

  3. you were mentioned when those two at the little table inside were in Sydney last night :)

    1. Is that why my ears were burning :-) hope it was a great evening for all at the opening.


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