Friday, October 25, 2013

in the post & hung out to dry!

So many tea bags have come in since my call out earlier this year and along the way I have been recording and documenting it and I just had to share these photos with you - so very precious!! This blog post is also dedicated to thanking everyone for all the thousands tea bags I have received so far.

Upon collecting my artwork from Gympie Regional Gallery this week, a small parcel of dried tea bags from Cecile was awaiting me.

This parcel was posted to Rosebed St Gallery earlier in the year (March), sender unknown.

A yellow parcel pack arrived in my post box about a month ago from Anneke.

Posted to Rosebed St Gallery's mail box in August, this parcel is addressed to the 'Tea Bag Collection Agency', priceless! Sender Susan from CSR Bricks & Roofing, Archerfield, Qld.
Another small parcel, addressed to me, arrived in Rosebed's mail box just in time for my 'Tea Bag Tea Party' on Wednesday 23rd October, from Ludmila.

...and the contents, packaged with love 
Our second parcel received from Susan & workmates at CSR Bricks & Roofing in Archerfield, also arriving in time for my 'Tea Bag Tea Party' (Wed 23rd Oct).  This time addressed to 'The Tea Bag Collector' J

I received this photograph in an envelope and a small note reading "Kim, drying tea bags while camping at Myall Park Botanic Gardens, Glennorgan (between Tara & Surat - West of Dalby).  Kay"

Received via an email a photograph and message from Anneke back in February, "Sammie is even guarding the tea bags" 

The following photographs were shared on facebook, earlier in the year.  Katy Lee having to peg her tea bags to the dish drainer to dry because it was so wet.
Also really wet around the time of the photograph and taking full advantage of the sunshine. Hung over the fence, Tracey's tea bags drying in the sun. 

Literally hung out to dry, Patti's tea bags hanging on the clothesline, classic!

I just love receiving all the messages and photographs and delight in all the different ways to dry a tea bag!!!


  1. Hi K - lucky you that there are many tea drinkers who are sending tea bags your way. B

    1. Totally B 'cus so far I have used close to 10,000 tea bags to create this next body of works and I couldn't have collected that many tea bags without the help of everyone, I consider myself very fortunate! K

  2. What a great record of connected community!


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