Thursday, September 12, 2013

all wrapped up and onto the next thing...

My blog title may suggest I am not taking enough time to reflect on my recent activities, quite the contrary I feel it's important to take time and reflect, to take stock of recent achievements and at the same time remaining mindful and grounded.  It is important to stop an assess and feel good about one's achievements, you learn and grow from them, a confidence I believe is something to be nurtured!

To wrap up my solo show on the last day I have to say was a blast!  Bump-out and two creative hands-on workshops for the FOGlets (Friends Of the Gallery little ones). The first class was for the smallest of the smalls, where, introduced by Sandra Ross (Education and Public Programs Officer) eighteen eager little FOGlets got to meet and greet the artist, me and my artworks then we proceeded off to the workshop and made clay houses and creations (second picture below).    The second workshop (to which I apologise I have no images) was for the older FOGlets where I set the task to try and create structures/sculptures without the use of masking tape, using only string and wooden skewers with the recycled card, plastic coreflute, plastic, canvas and the like.

Sandra and the gallery staff offer the most wonderful 'Art' experience for the children with each exhibition on display, to which I found a very rich and rewarding experience to be a part of and was wonderful to see the children embracing it as well.  Picture below, talking about my work, and thanks to Julie Prat (Gallery Administration) for this awesome photograph.

Two little participants, Makayla & Talia stayed back to help tidy up.

And in the midst of it all (the Gympie show) working away on my next solo show....  Here's an awesome bunch of ladies that came into Rosebed St Gallery back in August to help me process all the thousands of teabags that have been coming in thick and fast for Expressions of Love II.

Pictured, front left; Susie, Carol, Robin, Me, and Lindy. From front right; Diane, Karuna, _, Tony and Vivienne - and a huge big thanks to Lindsay Ham for also coming and taking this photograph for me.

"Many hands make light work!"


  1. K - good way to round off your exhibition - lot of happy faces. Go well. B

    1. B - it was a great way to end the exhibition. To see happy faces.... is the best!


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