Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Open Studios 2012

It's almost that time of year for the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Open Studios 2012 (formerly Creative Spaces - Open Studios) Program, kindly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council and an initiative of Arts Connect Inc. A rare opportunity as artsits open their studios from 10am to 4pm over four weekends and kicks off this September!


15, 16 September, 2012
22, 23 September, 2012
29, 30 & 1 October (long weekend), 2012
6, 7 October, 2012 

Here's me welding in my studio - you may have notice I am not listed on the map!  Just drop me an email so we can arrange a time I am more than happy to accommodate your visit.

A related program of placemaking art initiatives is being organised by art4place and has activities planned for the weekdays during the SCH Open Studios program, perfect timing and also school holidays - stay tuned!  In my next post I will talk about my involvement and my placemaking Art Installation.

And for my distant friends, some photographs of the things in and around my studio...

My "Bling" series - stoneware Southern Ice porcelain,

My popular miniature totems,

Peg totems Tower of Words from my recent solo exhibition Domestic Duties Chp.2,

A sneak peak of artworks in my studio gallery space.

The view looking out from my studio, that's Max doing a runner chasing his toy ball.

Our rose garden last Spring in full bloom, everything looks so lush and green! 

The side beam of my new arbour for the Stephanotis floribunda vine to grow on, decorated with one of my masks and fruit trees in the distance.  And for my welded sculptures....

There's lots of deliciously rusted fodder stored all around, of course!


  1. I would really enjoy visiting your studio!

    1. That you would Robyn! An ofcourse, your more than welcome to, if your ever over this way.

  2. Hi Kim - I've just visited your blog for the first time (and added it to my blog list on
    Thanks for the tour of your studio - I will definitely make it there one day, when you have time to chat - I'll be in China for the open studios, but will try and see you when I get back in November. Love your work. Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen, welcome and thanks for visiting and adding me to your blog list! Your welcome to visit my studio anytime. Enjoy China!!

  3. K-all looking good for OS - and such an amazing range of goodies - the studio gallery is going to be a hit. B

    1. B - its been a busy time getting it into shape, I'm sure we're going to have a great event!


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