Friday, June 8, 2012

Tread Lightly

The next thing on the agenda is Tread Lightly an exhibition of green art inspired works to invoke wonder, interest and delight.  Showcasing works made with repurposed books, macro ecology photography, wearable art and more... Hosted by the Sunshine Coast Council as part of their 2012 Treeline program all the works on show will reflect an environmental theme.

I have two artworks included - the below image is a detail of one of them - a wall piece made with discarded cardboard shoe inserts, torn calico strips (dyed with Eucalyptus citrodoria leaves) and a salvaged fish net.  The piece is called R & R (reduce & reuse) "Increasing our awareness for our environment is a step in the right direction". 

And the invitation - perhaps a bit small to see (my apologies if it is) so I have included the details below.

Where: Arts and Ecology Centre - Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens
When: Exhibition dates: 16th June to 8th July, 2012.

Official opening: Thursday 14th June, 2012 at 6.30pm.
RSVP: by Tuesday 12th June, 2012

How to get there - directions - click > here


  1. Another exhibition?! You certainly pack a lot of art making into your days. I like the theme of this one.

    1. The artworks in this exhibition Robyn are just stunning! I will try and post images.

  2. Kim, you are on another planet... and that planet is called 'CREATIVITY'. Well done. Have apologised to Fiona, and now you, that I can't attend. I have another opening (Lions For Leukaemia)on that night. BUT... I WILL go see it during the week sometime.

    1. Hi Jo, have fun at your Lions function! The exhibition runs until the 8th July plenty of time to visit. Remember to check out the yarn bombing in the gardens.


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