Monday, May 21, 2012

1000 words & more - Domestic Duties

It seemed only fitting to include the complete list of all the ONE word(s) compiled for this exhibition. I have been collecting words for over two years now, every opportunity I would ask for a word and noted it down in my trusty exercise book - using the ole fashioned method and using a pencil!  So many people have generously helped me along the way, even you my blogging friends have helped in my 200th blog post giveaway and I am very grateful!

I came across some old pianola scrolls recently and thought I'd try my hand at typing all my words down on the scroll a full length of a vertical wall approx. 2.3 metres.  One word that has repeatedly rolled off my tongue of late is THANKFUL. I've been so thankful to everyone for their help to collect my ONE words, Glen's sister Michelle even delivered Jordan's typewriter (below) from Brissy over the weekend for me!  (thanks Mich!).  Over 1000 words soon had to be repeated as I typed around a negative space creating the word THANKFUL.  Looks pretty groovy! 


  1. good grief! That's fantastic... fancy still having a workable ribbon in the typewriter :^)

    1. Hi Anna, and it typed so beautifully and smooth as well, its original owner clearly looked after the typewriter.

  2. My, you do have some VERY creative ideas Kim. Well done!


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