Monday, April 30, 2012

Drop the Dust

Last Friday morning was a real treat - I booked into a 3D hands-on workshop with exhibiting South Australian Artists Pamela Kouwenhoven and Margaret Worth at the Caloundra Regional Gallery.  I feel very fortunate to have had the experience, only a small number of participants attended which made for an intimate setting both Pamela and Margaret made us feel very welcome - it was such a fun morning! 

 If your in the Caloundra area I would highly recommend calling in and seeing the exhibition Drop the Dust a curatorial theme focusing on the pervasiveness of dust in our lives - it is a stunning show of artworks!

Margaret Worth "Ancient Accumulations Under Pressure: The 3 Ms - Mercenaries, Missionaries and Misfits" (detail), 100% rag paper, sand, light box. 15 x 97 x 97cm, 2010.

Margaret Worth "Bottle Bush" Painted steel, acacia, plastic bottle, red sand from Amata, 2010

Margaret Worth "The Secret Life of Domestic Dust - Slut's Wool" Powder coated silver brazed steel, house dust, fleurieu sand, particle board and glass. 16.5 x 20.3cm diameter, 2010.

Pamela Kouwenhoven "Dryland series no.1 & no.2" Discard mathoid board, 200 x 122 x 4cm, 2012.

Pamela Kouwenhoven "Dryland series No.2" - detail

Pamela Kouwenhoven "Dryland series No.3" Discard mathoid board

Below images from the workshop...

Pamela Kouwenhoven forefront right, Margaret Worth on left.

participant Margaret,

Julie Hauritz joining in...

Group shot with our creations from left; Pamela, Kim (me) and Margaret.


  1. K-looked liked some pretty interesting mediums; and a lot of fun. B

  2. I love the look of those earthy pieces; and it looks like you had a fun day as well!

  3. B - very inspiring works and it was a most enjoyable morning. K

    Hi Fiona, the rust and earthy tones are delicious - I would love one in my collection!

  4. Sorry I missed that one... looks like fun.


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