Friday, March 23, 2012

Rosebed St Collection

The next thing on the agenda is a small collection of my assemblages are now being showcased in a current group exhibition entitled "Rosebed St Collection" at Rosebed St Gallery (pictured below)
And to add some exciting news.... on the first day of the exhibition the gallery was visited by a TV and film crew, the gallery, owners and artworks on show will feature in a popular television show in the next coming weeks.
It is a credit to Annie and Maya, their dedication has made the gallery a great success that it is, this is a well deserved reward indeed!
"To the Point"
"Balancing Act"

p.s post 199 > which means the next post is the 200th giveaway!!!!!


  1. these are wonderful!! and each one aptly named indeed. they all call out to me, but "Protector" must be the one closest to my heart now.

  2. You have a very whimsical mind Miss Kim. These are great.

  3. Fabulous works Kim! I love everything you are so talented in so many mediums!

  4. At first I thought that was metal foil in the first 2 pieces .... or is it clay? Beautiful pieces Kim!

  5. Thanks Luthien, I find the titles are as important as the creating, it really makes the piece feel complete for me.
    Hi Jo, It's a kinda surreal process for me as I see it as someone else being the maker and generally refer to it in third person (?)
    Thanks Cynthia! I just love to work in so many mediums, its like I am satisfying all the facets of my personality.
    Thanks Robyn, each piece is a combination of clay, steel and found objects. The only difference with the top two is they have been partly gloss glazed and have tinges of gold leaf here and there.

  6. K-good to see you this afternoon - collecting more bits from JM to go into creations. Some of these pieces have a tongue in cheek whimsicalness about them. Go well. B

  7. It is amazing how you give this extraordinary life and beauty to your iron pieces.


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