Tuesday, January 17, 2012

opening night & new works on display

Upon arrival to Studio 4 Gallery's latest exhibition last week you were welcomed with an ambience of intimacy lit with candlelight emulating a radiant glow over the artworks and the air was filled with a warm balmy summer breeze..... It could very well have been an intentional ambience mind you, however it wasn't. It was due to the electricity company cutting the power for some reason, unexplained and unnotified! However inconvenient, it did create a lovely ambience to the evening, and depite the suituation (which would have sent me into a spin), Directors Jennifer and Richard Stiller remained totally calm and in control, and made everyone feel welcomed and relaxed, as the nibbles were served and the wine flowed.

Thinking that was set for the evening... a large roar from the crowd was heard as the power came back on and just in time for the official opening speech.
Jennifer Stiller still smiling, opens the exhibition.

And a group shot - from left; me (Kim Schoenberger), Victoria Fitzpatrick, Jo Murray and Kym Barrett.

My previous post showed "Starry Nights" and sold on the day the exhibit opened even before the official opening. Below two images are 'details' of the other two pieces made in this series (of three only).

"Sailing the Seas"

"City Lights"
And my new works for the gallery shop were also on display...

"Guardian Wolf" (sold)

Miniatures "Gateway I & II"
The exhibition is now open for viewing and is current until Sunday 5th February, 2012. For more details on Gallery hours or directions please click > here


  1. Hi Kim, it looks like a lovely evening. Congrats on the sale of the first piece before the opening. I'm drawn to the "guardian Wolf" piece, and I see that someone else was, too! :)

  2. Congrats on your sales! I thought Starry Nights wouldn't sit too long before someone purchased it.

  3. K-well done - sorry we could not be there - just a little too many demands. Love the simplicity of the Guardian Wolf piece. Go well.

  4. Hi Kim - congrats on the sales - always a good feeling. Hope the rest of the exhibition goes well for you all F

  5. I love the minimal lines of the "Guardian Wolf"
    Congratulations on the sale of your work.

  6. A big congrats Kim on your sales! That is a wonderful group shot too!

  7. My apologies for not replying sooner I had a gremlin in the system preventing me from doing so - as you can see all ok now (Thanks F :-)

    Hi Sharmon, thanks so much, it was a great evening in the end. Guardian wolf arosed some interest, I am really happy it sold.

    Thanks Robyn :-)

    FaB thanks, will be thinking of you both when your in NYC!

    Hi Marilena, I really love working with the 'cut-out discarded' bits of metal, and using the forms as they speak. Its a very spontaneous process that has its own language.

    Thanks Cynthia. It was a great group shot! Glen can take a good photo, he should become a photographer I reckon, then he could photograph all my happenings :-D

  8. Looks like it was a great opening night. Lov e your work and am so pleased for you sold a piece. lynda x

  9. Thanks Lynda, it turned out being a lovely night all in all...


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