Sunday, November 27, 2011

Journal of Australian Ceramics - featured article

Words cannot convey the joy I am feeling this month, or even for this whole year matter of fact!

Earlier this year I contacted Stephanie Outridge-Field to see if she would write about my studio practice. Stephanie's career in ceramics spans over thirty years, her work is just devine and not only is Stephanie a lovely person, she is a mentor and an inspiration! I feel very honoured and previliged to be featured in the latest edition The Journal of Australian Ceramics (50/3 Nov, 2011, which can be purchased on-line by the way...) and to have had an article written by Stephanie.


The stunning photography by Tony Webdale, Flourish is captured on page 81 and filling a whole page.


  1. Congratulations on having your work featured in the magazine.

    Beautiful vessel and the hint of metal makes it powerful.

  2. Wonderful news Kim! It's your time to shine! I'm so happy for you.

  3. Thanks Marilena and Robyn :-) tis a humbling feeling...

  4. K- well done - the white porcelain and rusted objects is just so creative and you - bringing the tension of these two elements together. Congratulations. B

  5. You did well Kim... your strength and courage must be an encouragement to everyone to put past troubles behind them and move on with optimism. Love those porcelain beakers, but your newest 'bling' pieces are to die for.

  6. wel done, keep shining, enjoy, you deserve it,
    your new pieces are fab.

  7. B - I'm really loving the combination I have going at the moment.

    Hi Jo, thanks for your words of encouragement very much appreciated. Bling is the latest...

    thanks Mieke.

  8. It was an interesting article Kim - Stephanie is always so supportive. I'm looking forward to seeing your next ceramic works!

  9. Thanks Ellen - yes Staphanie is wonderfully supportive we are very fortunate to her as a mentor.


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