Saturday, January 1, 2011

ALaW 2010 - Alphabet two

I had two spare tiles left over, spares for 'just incase'. When working with clay it pays to make more than is needed, incase you make a mistake, drop or break one unintentionally. I must say it is not an easy task to reproduce another identical tile, the same thickness several months later.
A bit of fun, not sure if I'll use them or not.... could be useful for the final layout.

One more photo to share with you. I particularly like the result of staining the clay made on the plyboard I had them stored on, six months of aging...

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  1. Hi Kim
    I am so looking forward to seeing the final results. I like the two spares you made - as you say 'just in case'. It's been a delight following your posts and seeing the various techniques at play; thanks for sharing!


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