Sunday, April 4, 2010

ALaW 2010 - IJKLM

The half way mark in ALaW 2010 alphabet challenge 13 down, 13 to go...

I must say, this exercise has been a refreshing flavour to my arts practise! I've really enjoyed the sense of adventure and play it has presented.

Some letters have come together very simply and while others very challenging indeed, especially the K in this month's letters. I try not to read to much into that but find it curious just the same... knowing that there is a hidden lesson there somewhere.

I - is simlpy a rusted nut & bolt.

J - a distorted hook

K - a wingnut with half a post (post internal rod that contects two door knobs, cut in half)

L - drill chuck

M- an end of a well worn out rake, cement intact.

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