Monday, March 8, 2010

Expressions of Love, Exhibition

Its been eight years in the making and I have been sitting on this body of work for some time now waiting for the right time to exhibit it, as it holds very significant meanings for me. I started making the pieces in 2002 with much excitement (or madness) gathering hundreds and hundreds of teabags pinning and sewing, pinning and mother was my avid 'gatherer' making it her life's mission to collect as many teabags as she could on her many visits to her friends. Before you knew it I had a whole tribe of hunter gatherers of teabags...with teabags coming in from all directions.


Recycled teabags (leaves intact) sewn on a treadle Singer Sewing Machine into long strips,
three strips plaited and sewn together by hand, calico backing dyed with recycled tea leaves then sewn together. Upon my exhibition this piece will be displayed on a perpex box kindly donated by Australian marine Windows.
The works are inspired by the 'Arts/Crafts' that our Mother's and Grandmother's passed on to us through knitting, crocheting, sewing etc... once considered a necessity for around the home to comfort and nurture. This interaction between (grand)mother and daughter intergrated a common bond from an early age, creating a love like no other... shared moments to cherish forever.
“KNITTING IN PROGRESS”- RECYCLED TEABAGS & PORCELAINRecycled teabags sewn on a treadle Singer Sewing Machine knitted on antique wooden knitting needles
My previous post (below) details my "Charity ART Auction" I am hosting for this years Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, O so thankful....the universe is providing, and has given me the green light to exhibit my "Expressions of Love" works from 8th to 30th May along side... and in lead up to the morning tea art auction and in a most beautiful venue Main Street Gallery which I must say, have been overwhemly supportive and am ever thankful for their generosity.


  1. Kim, as you know I am also a huge fan of teabags, and this knitted piece is PURE BRILLIANCE - the essence of wabi sabi and my mantra of simple, honest and noble. I am overwhelmed by your talent.
    Noela xoxox

  2. Kim
    Can't wait to see the pieces all together - a true labour love


  3. Thank you Noela.

    I am looking forward to seeing it showing as well Fiona, it has been a long time coming...


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